Getting Started

GeneLeaf is a visual editor for genomics, allowing users to quickly and intuitively add and update informaiton on family relationships. GeneLeaf is a SaaS application, which users can access securely via the web. A demo version is freely accessible for anyone interested in trying the features of GeneLeaf. We encourage you to start here and then register for an account so that you can save pedigrees for access later.


GeneLeaf uses standard conventions to represent the family relationships included in Pedigrees, as in the example below. Pedigrees are visual representations of family relationships. These diagrams follow a specific set of formatting conventions to represent family information. These include the following key components:

  • Squares/Circles: used to represent males & females
  • Affected: color (including black) is used to indicate that an individual is affected by a condition.
  • Spousal relationships: represented by horizontal bars between individuals
  • Sibling relationshipts: represented by horizontal bars above individuals
  • Generation relationshipts (parents/children): represented by vertical bars

In the figure above, two cousins members (1 male and 1 female) are affected.

First Steps

GeneLeaf is designed for ease of usability. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Intro page:

The intro page displays updates and enables users to select their prefered user experience based on their use case.

  • Login:

Users can login at any point during their session by clicking the login button.

  • Drawing Mode:

In drawing mode, users can start drawing pedigrees immiately, either using the functionality through menus or by keyboard shortcuts.